Digital marketing has introduced new concepts and practices, one of them is the curing of content, but you will be asking “what is curating content?”, Simple, curing content is the action of locating, filtering, modifying and distributing the content that is on the internet.

 This can be a very successful practice for B2B companies, since it focuses on taking specific issues that are of interest to our public, which in the case of this type of company would be its employees, its customers and potential customers. The idea is to provide valuable content that helps our communities and, in turn, brings us closer to other communities by sharing their content, and why not, they may also share ours.

 The idea is to find another way to attract our audience, leaving aside traditional marketing, to offer topics of interest, which will generate more traffic and loyalty.

For example, a company that promotes entrepreneurship could address issues such as entrepreneurship, innovation, financing, creativity, social media, etc. Are you getting an idea ?

Ok, after determining what topics we will address, we can visit other websites, see trends in social networks and see what is being discussed or perform a Google search, if we find an interesting post or article we can adapt it in our blog but eye !, remember that if we want cordial relations and avoid problems to infringe copyrights, we must cite the source, both in text and images. Also share it on social networks to which we can add our point of view, or comment on it or simply to share it with those who, we know, have a specific interest in the subject.

Now, let’s start to see the advantages that curing content brings you:

The first advantage is to help you feed your channels frequently, since supplying original content on a blog and social networks several times a week has two problems, the first refers to cost (creating original content is expensive) and the second , it would be the time and effort it takes to create original content.

Second, it helps the web positioning, adapting the text, citing sources and giving your point of view regarding the subject you can climb faster in the Google ranking, but you must be careful, healing is not copying and pasting! is to add value to the content that your audience will consume.

Third and last, content healing helps you connect with your community through topics of interest, which in turn attracts new communities in the exchange of knowledge which helps you become a reference on one or various themes.

Ready to try?