To be able to connect with our target audience, it is necessary to be clear about several factors that influence when sending the indicated message to the indicated person. That is, we must know the phase of the purchase process in which the user is and the content that we will share.

But before categorizing the users of our interest in the purchase cycle we must define that ‘buyer person’ or audience profile that is our target customer or that we want to reach with our purchase intention.

How do we define that audience profile?

It is important to take into account the study of sociodemographic variables (age, city), personality, professional training, position or employment, interests, use of social networks. This will help us to know how to behave in the digital world.

We must also know how our products / services contribute to your needs. That is, define the goal we want to meet with this buyer person.

Once we have defined the audience profile, we will now identify the phases of the purchasing process defined in an inbound marketing strategy that can be applied to segment the content that we will send to our audience.

These phases are the following:


  • Attract: to attract the target audience we can manage SEO techniques, content on our blog, organic publications on social networks or paid campaigns.
  • Convert: Once we have attracted our target audience we must convert them into prospects or leads through forms or landing pages where they can leave us their information. To achieve this, we must offer you valuable content such as e-books, webinars, white papers, discount codes or something that can bring them.
  • Close: to transform those prospects or leads into clients, it is necessary to generate marketing automation strategies by e-mail according to the information downloaded by the prospects in the previous step or the social networks they have reached or in which they connect frequently. Also, you must maintain a connection with the CRM of the company and the sales team that can be of great help to close.
  • Delight: we must continue to get involved with our customers in order to become promoters of our brand, to achieve this we can use offers, referral plans, quality content and excellent customer service in real time.

“By publishing the right content, in the right place and at the right time, your marketing strategy becomes relevant and useful for your customers, not in an intrusion. That’s marketing that makes people fall in love! “

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